Call for RPD or TPS pre-project proposals 2025

Please read the call documents and other important information on ARES website before opening your application form.


To be considered, the pre-project proposal must be submitted through GIRAF by 15 April 2024 at midday at the latest. The proposals will then be validated through GIRAF, without any possibility to be edited, by the HEI by 22 April 2024 at midday.



To access a pre-project form in GIRAF, you must log in with a GIRAF account. There are three possible scenarios:

  • You already have a validated GIRAF account (from a previous call or as part of the follow-up of an ongoing project): you can use this account.
  • You are involved in an intervention funded by ARES (as a partner,...) but your account has not yet been validated: ask for the activation of your account at
  • You have not yet taken part in an intervention, you can create an account. Your account will be validated (within a few hours to a few days) and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


  • Once her/his account has been validated, the WBF coordinator can start a pre-project process by using the link given to him/her by the cooperation unit/contact person of her/his HEI (see the list of contact persons). This link must be used once only per preproject. The user will then find her/his form in the table “My tasks” of the “competitive calls” tab.
  • The deadline to create a new form is 19 March 2024 at midday.

  • The form is editable as long as the coordinator uses the “Save and edit later” option.
  • When the coordinator clicks on “Submit preproject”, the validation process by its HEI will start and it will no longer be modifiable.


  • In the form, the frame “co-writers” allows to designate co-writers among users having a validated account in GIRAF. These users will find the form in the table “my co-editing” under the “competitive calls” tab. They may edit the form but they may not submit the pre-project. Submitting the pre-project is only possible for the WBF coordinator.
  • The contact person of the WBF coordinating HEI may be nominated as a co-writer to support the project team during the elaboration. Warning: no change will be anymore possible to the form during the official validation by the HEI.
  • Co-writers are not informed automatically by GIRAF that they have been nominated in a project.
  • If the co-writers do not yet have a GIRAF account, please invite them to create their account (see the section “Accesing GIRAF” above).

Warning: simultaneous changes are not allowed in GIRAF. If two users connect to the same form at the same time, only the first one will be able to save her/his changes. The second user will however be warned only at the time of saving his/her work and not when opening the form. To avoid losing changes, it is thus very important for co-writers of a project to coordinate their work on the form.